Provide high-tech measuring products and technical developments for instrument service providers
NDT and Photoelectric Measurements
Landtek force meters have convenient reading and high precision.

We have used many force meters in our company. Your force meter has a digital indication, which is convenient and accurate, satisfying us very much. Seeing your sales staff's professional information in the WeChat's Circles, we trust you more. Hope you can do better and better

Landtek instruments are affordable and exquisite

Delivery to customers along the way, found Lantai this company engaged in thickness meter and gloss meter. The price is affordable, the workmanship is good, and it looks very exquisite. After use, I feel that the quality is good, the sensitivity is high, and the system stability is good

Conclude long-term Cooperation with Lantek, mutual benefit

We want to buy a batch of stroboscope. We happen to see that the stroboscope of Lantek instruments company ranks well in the voting activities of the enterprise on a brand ranking website, so we are interested in its products. Later, I saw the products of Lantek instrument company on the Internet, and were attracted by its high-quality service concept, professional product technology and very perfect after-sales system. So we became long-term partners.

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